Panzer Corps – Grand Campaign DLC packs announced

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Some more Panzer Corps news for our fellow generals. Just last week a new patch was released, adding some much-needed options and a few handy tweaks, and now Matrix and Slitherine have announced that developer Lordz Games Studio is busy working on DLC. The two packs, Grand Campaign ’39 and Grand Campaign ’40, will go for $4.99 and include 14 new scenarios apiece, new features, and the ability to carry armies over between campaigns. Other DLC packs were also mentioned, with the goal being to create one massive Grand Campaign from 1939 to 1945 consisting of around 70 scenarios.

The 1939 campaign will consist of the following scenarios: Poznan, Danzig Corridor South, Danzig Corridor North, Lodz, Piatek, Wyszogrod, Kampinoska, Forest, Modlin, Warsaw South, Warsaw North, Spoils of War, Oslo, Lillehammer, and Narvik. And for the 1940 campaign, there will be Eben-Emael, Albert Canal, The Hague, Sedan, Maubeuge, Arras, Calais, Stonne, Wassigny, Amiens, Dunkirk, Reims, Dijon, and Maginot Line.

Wargamers looking to try their hand at the scenarios a little early can sign up at Slitherine’s website to join their beta team.

For more information on Panzer Corps, check out our review.

Panzer Corps (PC) DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1Panzer Corps (PC) DLC Announcement - Screenshot 2Panzer Corps (PC) DLC Announcement - Screenshot 3Official Site(s) Matrix Games, Slitherine, and The Lordz Games Studio

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