Dungeons – The Dark Lord available for PC, prepare the iron maiden!

Dungeons: The Dark Lord (PC) September Screens - Screenshot 4The standalone expansion to Dungeons, Dungeons – The Dark Lord, is now available for PC. The Dark Lord will once again allow players to create dangerous dungeons filled with sweet loot to lure in brave heroes, and then trap them for their delicious souls.

The expansion adds a new single-player storyline, new prestige gimmicks, and a new ice crystal cave dungeon setting, complete with Yeti boss. Multiplayer has also been added, with support for up to four players to duke it out in several modes, including King of the Hill and Deathmatch. Battling dungeon masters have the option of using their own character or selecting one of several playable bosses.

Dungeons - The Dark Lord (PC) Details Announcement - Screenshot 5Dungeons: The Dark Lord (PC) September Screens - Screenshot 6

Official Site: Dungeons-Game.com

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