Matrix Games adds AI War: Alien Bundle to online store, now 33% off

AI War: Alien Bundle (PC) Matrix Announcement - Screenshot 1Matrix Games and Slitherine are now selling a new bundle of Arcen Games’ space-based real-time strategy title, AI War. The AI War: Alien Bundle includes the original AI War: Fleet Command plus three expansions—The Zenith Remnant, Children of Neinzul, and Light of the Spire—for $29.99. To celebrate the new addition to their online store, Matrix is running a two-week sale for the bundle, knocking 33% off for a savings of $10.

The current $19.99 asking price is a great deal, but for those who need to try AI War out for themselves, there is a playable demo available for download.

With over 600 ship types, 52 bonus ship classes, and 50-plus unique AI types, it’s suggested that newcomers check out the AI War Wiki to get a handle on what’s on offer.

This is AI War: Alien Bundle, a one-of-a-kind strategy game that plays like an RTS but feels like a 4X, with tower defense and grand strategy bits, too. With limitless replayability, dozens of ship types, and massive battles, AI War: Alien Bundle allows you to test your wits against cunning and unique AI opponents either solo or with up to 8 players in cooperative mode. AI War: Alien Bundle is extremely configurable, so you can set it up to have a slower, more thoughtful, 4X feel, or you can make everything happen blazing fast so that your reflexes are tested. Whether you’re a hardcore wargamer, an RTS addict, 4X lover, or something in between – AI War: Alien Bundle will bring countless hours of space strategy!

AI War: Alien Bundle (PC) Matrix Announcement - Screenshot 2AI War: Alien Bundle (PC) Matrix Announcement - Screenshot 3AI War: Alien Bundle (PC) Matrix Announcement - Screenshot 4 Official Site: – AI War: Alien Bundle

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