RISK: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition announced

RISK: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition (Board Game) LogoRISK—one of the few titles we’ll leave in caps (all praise the game of global domination)—has officially been Kojimafied. Konami has announced a new “mercenary-style board game” based on Metal Gear Solid dubbed RISK: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition. Pre-orders kickoff on October 3 at USAopoly.com, and the full version will retail for $49.95.

As one of five Private Military Companies, players must hire mercenaries, score weapons off the black market, manage alliances, and keep an eye out for the ever-present Outer Haven battleship. Attacks will be waged across one of the 42 territories within the world’s six zones using 275 playing pieces, of which also includes neutral armies and cities, eight boss cards, 40 Drebin’s Cards, and 42 Territory Cards for advantage and one of eight Rewards. There’s also a custom Outer Haven battleship.

The packaging will feature artwork by the franchise’s art director, Yoji Shinkawa.

With three different ways to play Metal Gear Solid Risk, beginners new to the Metal Gear Solid franchise and even devoted players can jump right into RISK, the classic board game that set the standard for strategy games. In addition, the three to five players can roll with one of the seven custom dice and move along a massive mobile submersible battleship that occupying forces can use to invade territories once thought safe. The game is designated for players ages 10 and up and is licensed by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. and created and manufacturer by USAopoly (under license from the Entertainment & Licensing Division of Hasbro).
RISK: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition (Board Game) SetRISK: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition (Board Game) Map
Official Site(s): Konami.com & USAopoly.com

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