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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta launching next week

Battlefield 3 (360, PC, PS3) MP Beta Announcement - Screenshot 1

Battlefield 3’s October 25 release is closing in, but action fans looking to get a jump on the multiplayer will be able to try their hand at a multiplayer beta on September 29. The beta, which will be available for the 360, PC, and PS3, will include access to the Operation Metro map, where two teams will compete in Rush Mode and battle it out in the streets of Paris. The Battlelog, the free social network that will keep track of friends and stats, will also be open to beta testers; the network will be accessible through PC, consoles, and handheld devices. Additional info about the beta is available on the official site, while those wanting to keep up with the game’s progress—and score an in-game M1911 pistol and some badges—can check out the EA Gun Club.


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Batman: Arkham City – PC release confirmed, new screens released

Batman: Arkham City (360, PC, PS3) PC Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

The Dark Knight is suiting up to drop a batfist full of pain on PC gamers … just a little later than console gamers. Warner Bros. has the 360 and PS3 crowds covered with an October release—18, to be precise—for Batman: Arkham City, while PC gamers will be getting in on the action shortly thereafter sometime in November. No set date was announced, so just put little bat symbols on every day of the calendar to be on the safe side.


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Burnout Crash! launches on PSN today, Live tomorrow

Burnout Crash! (360, PS3) PSN Launch and Live Tomorrow Announcement - Screenshot 1

Criterion Games’ arcade-style take on the Burnout series, Burnout Crash!, is now available on PSN and will be available tomorrow on Live Arcade. The EA-published racer is said to be “a crazy mix of pinball arcades, TV game shows and 80s pop music.”


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Zen Pinball 3D announced for 3DS

Zen Pinball 3D (3DS) Announcement - Header

While 3DS owners might see the lack of a pinball game on their new handheld as an injustice, Zen Studios sees only an opportunity. The creator of the Pinball FX series, Marvel Pinball, and Zen Pinball is planning on satiating the cravings of pinball wizards everywhere this fall with the launch of Zen Pinball 3D for the 3DS.



Final Fantasy XIII-2 release date, DLC, theme song details announced

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (360, PS3) Release Date and DLC Annnouncement - Screenshot 1

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be hitting store shelves for the 360 and PS3 early next year, on January 31. A direct sequel to XIII, XIII-2 will include some tweaks to its predecessor’s design, including a new focus on exploration, a new battle system, the ability to command monsters, and “a variety of options that support multiple playthroughs.”


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Fallout: New Vegas – Lonesome Road DLC now available

Fallout: New Vegas (360, PC, PS3) Lonesome Road DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Fallout: New Vegas’ fourth DLC pack, Lonesome Road, is now available on Live, PSN, and Steam. The 800 MS Point/$9.99 adventure will introduce players to Courier Six, the mysterious “Ulysses” referenced in New Vegas.


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Resident Evil 4 now available for download on Live and PSN

Resident Evil 4 HD (360, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Resident Evil 4, determined to find its way onto every post-32-bit platform, has launched for the 360 and PS3 on Live Games on Demand and PS Network. For 100 MS Points/$19.99, gamers get an enhanced version of the original with updated HD visuals, all bonus content from previous releases, and the obligatory trophy and achievement support.


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Homefront returning in 2014, courtesy of Crytek

Homefront (360, PC, PS3) Sequel Announcement - Header

THQ has announced that Crysis developer Crytek will be taking a shot at the Homefront series for the next entry. Kaos Studios, developer of the original Homefront, was closed last June. The sequel is scheduled for release during the publisher’s fiscal year 2014.


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Orcs Must Die! release date announced for 360, PC

Orcs Must Die! (360, PC) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

Robot Entertainment’s upcoming action-strategy beast-basher Orcs Must Die! will be released for the 360 on Live Arcade on October 5, and for the PC via Steam and other PC distribution platforms on October 12. Orcs Must Die! tasks players, serving as a War Mage, with defending 24 besieged fortresses with 17 trap types and a half-dozen weapons and spells from orcs and other monsters.


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(Xbox 360 Review) Rise of Nightmares

“Needless to say, another European countryside is stained with the blood of tortured tourists.”


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