Soldak announces new PC RPG, Drox Operative

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Soldak, the indie studio known for their popular action-RPGs Din’s Curse and Depths of Peril, has announced a new title: Drox Operative. Tentatively scheduled to release during the first quarter of 2012, Drox Operative is a space-faring action-RPG that will pit players against alien races in a dynamic, evolving galaxy alone as well as with friends in co-op multiplayer.

Soldak also sent along some background info on the Drox and what the player’s role will be in the game’s universe.

Eons ago the Drox ruled the galaxy through their mighty Operatives. These elite starship captains were trained to accomplish the impossible at whatever cost necessary. Whether employing stealth or brute force, they were always deadly. Using these Operatives, the Drox built a starlane system for quick travel amongst the stars, colonized and conquered millions of planets, and ruled the galaxy with an iron grip for over 100,000 years. Eventually realizing their Operators were a threat, they attempted to assassinate all of them. They failed. The following Galactic Civil War was devastating.

Thousands of years later, the Drox are extinct, but the secretive Drox Operative guild lives on. They have learned their lesson though: loyalty to any one race is foolish. They now work for whoever can pay. And pay they do! Empires might span hundreds of planets and thousands of ships, but when a critical task arises, they still turn to an Operative.

In the new space race, the major races are scouting, colonizing, and expanding, trying to take over the galaxy by diplomacy, technology, war, or any other means their scheming minds can contemplate.

Official Site: – Drox Operative

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