Strategic Command: WW1 – v.1.03 patch, updated demo released

Strategic Command WWI (PC) Patch and Demo Announcement - HeaderSome news on the BattleFront front—hah!—the developer has announced a new update for their recently enlarged WWI title Strategic Command: WW1 1914-1918 The Great War as well as a new demo. The v1.03 patch is an all-in-one download that includes all of the previous updates, such as the new WWII campaign, 1939 Storm over Europe, as well as bug fixes, a new rule that allows fighters to intercept paratroop drops, and up to 50% faster AI.

A demo is also available to show off the improvements with v1.03. The demo includes three campaigns—the first three months of the 1914 Call To Arms grand campaign, the full 1918 Kaiserschlacht mini-campaign, and a peek at 1939 Storm over Europe. Saving, multiplayer modes, and unit purchases are, however, disabled, but the campaigns are playable as either side against the AI.

Strategic Command WWI (PC) Patch and Demo Announcement - Screenshot 1
Official Site(s): – v.1.03 Patch & – Strategic Command WWI 1914-1918 Demo

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