Twisted Metal release date announced, Jaffe sends his best

Twisted Metal (PS3) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1Designer David Jaffe announced earlier this week on the PlayStation Blog that the latest Twisted Metal will be launching for the PS3 on February 14. Jaffe even made a personalized message for fans, wishing them a Valentine’s Day full of love and vehicular carnage. To view the video, check out the PlayStation Blog.

Twisted Metal’s debut on the PlayStation 3 comes packed with new weapons, new environments and new vehicles, including the ability to fly with the Talon, a helicopter armed to the teeth with a minigun turret. Optimized for both offline and online play, Twisted Metal is the ultimate multiplayer experience. Grab a couple of friends for 2-4 player splitscreen mode or synch up to PSN and play against up to 16 competitors.

Twisted Metal (PS3) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 2Twisted Metal (PS3) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 3Official Site:

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