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Gargoyle’s Quest now available on eShop for 3DS

Gargoyles Quest (3DS, Game Boy) 3DS eShop Launch Announcement - Header

Capcom has released their 1990 Game Boy platformer Gargoyle’s Quest on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS. For $3.99, players will get a chance to play Firebrand, the gargoyle from Ghosts ‘n Goblins, in an adventure through the Ghoul Realm to face the nefarious King Breager.


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Trine 2 release date announced, screens released

Trine 2 (Mac, PC) Release Date Announcement - Header

Knight Pontius, thief Zoya, and wizard Amadeus are returning for some more side-scrolling puzzle-platforming action later this year when Trine 2 ships to retail and launches online for Mac and PC. The trio will again brave deadly traps and equally dangerous monsters as they quest about in search of loot and adventure. The campaign will be playable with up to three players with support for both online or offline co-op play.


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Fallout: New Vegas – Lonesome Road DLC, more packs announced

Fallout: New Vegas (360, PC, PS3) Lonesome Road DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

The New Vegas adventures continue next month when fourth DLC pack, the Lonesome Road, hits Live Marketplace and PSN on September 20. The 800 MS Point/$9.99 release will introduce players to Courier Six, the Ulysses referenced in New Vegas. Promising to reveal why he passed up the delivery assignment that kicks off the game, the player must venture into the Divide.


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Sonic CD announced for 360, PC, PS3, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Sonic CD (360, PC, PS3, Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Phone) Launch Announcement - Header

Prepare to lose your Sonic-loving minds, hedgehog fans: Sonic CD, one of the finest Sonic titles to date, has been announced for—deep breath—360, PC, PS3, and an array of mobile platforms (Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Windows Phone). Schedule for release later this year, the download-only re-release of the 1993 high-speed platformer also serves as the prequel to the recently released Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I.


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Black Rock Shooter The Game coming to North America for PSP

Black Rock Shooter The Game (PSP) Announcement - Header

NIS has announced that they have acquired the licensing for Black Rock Shooter The Game (working title). The futuristic RPG was developed by Imageepoch and features art from Huke and voice acting by Miku Hatsune. No release date has been announced, but one should be made available shortly.


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(PlayStation 2 Review) A Dog’s Life

Another retro review! Since Nick’s Doom review went up, he was able to sway us to go with this one next, his 2004 review of A Dog’s Life for the PlayStation 2. A snippet: “…there’s a mystifying, almost psychologically fascinating obsession with fecal manipulation…” Enjoy!


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