Rage comic series wraps up, final issue now available

Rage (360, PC, PS3) Third Comic Release Announcement - HeaderThe last of Dark Horse’s three-part Rage comic series is now on store shelves. The trilogy serves as a prequel to id’s upcoming shooter, taking readers through the events that lead to the world turning into a massive ball of unpleasantness and the rise of the Authority.

Rage will be turning mutants into piles of gib October 4 when it launches for the 360, PC, and PS3.

The three-issue comic book series is an original miniseries written by Arvid Nelson, the acclaimed creator of Rex Mundi, and penciled by Andrea Mutti (DMZ). The cover art was created by Glenn Fabry, best known for his work on Hellblazer and Preacher. Set prior to the events in the game, the comics are an extension of the Rage universe and provide insights into the game’s over arching storyline.

Rage (360, PC, PS3) Third Comic Release Announcement - Cover

Official Site: Rage.com

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