Rage HD App for iOS family now free until August 25

Rage HD App (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) Free DL Announcement - Screenshot 1

Some great news for those looking to grab a great iOS game for free. Bethesda has released id’s Rage HD App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for free. All thanks to the game’s official Facebook page receiving 100,000 ‘Likes,’ gamers can grab the full version from now until August 25 at no charge.

The first-person rail shooter features some slick motion controls and plenty of mutants to kill as players make their way through episodes of Mutant Bash TV. Nothing quite like an interactive post-apocalyptic game show on the go to help make those commutes bearable. And for those who are thinking of passing it up: don’t—it’s great fun.

Official Site(s): Facebook.com – Rage & Apple.com – Rage HD App

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