White Knight Chronicles II goes gold for PS3

White Knight Chronicles II (PC) Gone Gold Announcement - Screenshot 1Level-5’s hybrid on- and offline RPG White Knight Chronicles II has gone gold for the PS3. Adventurers looking to set out for the wilds can pick it up on September 13. As a bonus, publisher D3Publisher has seen to ensure that everyone is up to speed by including a copy of the hundred-hour-plus White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, a remastered version of the original, on the same disc.

White Knight Chronicles II returns players to Balandor, a magic-infused kingdom of fantasy, swordplay and myth. Players will follow the adventurer Leonard on a brand new voyage set one year from his original journey, and master an enhanced, more dynamic combat system. They will experience an RPG game that incorporates a variety of robust online gameplay elements with many quests, utilizing an active turn-based battle system that caters to players of all levels.

White Knight Chronicles II (PC) Gone Gold Announcement - Screenshot 2Official Site: Facebook.com – White Knight Chronicles II

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