MDK2 rises from its grave, MDK2 HD releasing for PC this summer

MDK2 HD (PC) Announcement - HeaderFact: MDK2 was one of the best games on the Dreamcast. Fact: Using a toaster as a weapon is awesome. For gamers who missed out on BioWare’s classic action-platformer, developer Overhaul Games, itself comprised of BioWare vets, and publisher Interplay are bringing it back for the PC in a revamped form dubbed MDK2 HD. Set to launch in September at for $14.99, the new version will also include “a wide range of gameplay tweaks and reworked audio.”

MDK2 HD follows the antics of loveable janitor Kurt Hectic, mad-scientist-type Doc Hawkins and the gun-toting, six-legged, potty-trained mechanical dog, Max, as they attempt to thwart yet another alien invasion of Earth. Players experience unique gameplay as each of the three characters, progressing through 10 wildly varied levels in this galaxy and beyond!

MDK2 HD (PC) Announcement - Screenshot 1MDK2 HD (PC) Announcement - Screenshot 2MDK2 HD (PC) Announcement - Screenshot 3Official Site:

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