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AC: Revelations multiplayer beta to launch first for PS Plus, Uplay

Assassins Creed Revelations (360, PC, PS3) PS3 MP Beta Announcement - Screenshot 1

PlayStation 3 gamers will get a shot to try the online component for Assassin’s Creed Revelations first when a multiplayer beta launches on September 3. The beta will be available to PlayStation Plus members and Uplay members from September 3-11, offering access to nine characters (The Sentinel, The Vanguard, The Guardian, The Vizier, The Thespian, The Deacon, The Bombardier, The Trickster, and The Champion), three maps (Knight’s Hospital, Antioch, and Constantinople), and four modes (Wanted, Manhunt, Deathmatch, and Artifact Assault).


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Driver San Francisco demo launches on Live, PSN

Driver San Francisco (360, PS3, Wii) Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

A new single-player demo has launched for Ubisoft’s Driver San Francisco on Live and PSN. The demo features three missions: a high-speed escort (Escapist), a stunt-heavy race from the cops (Team Colors), and a rubber-band race in which players gain speed by shifting between their cars (Team Colors).


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