White Knight Chronicles II – preorder DLC bonus announced

White Knight Chronicles II (PS3) DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

RPGers itching to dive into D3Publisher’s Level-5 double pack of White Knight Chronicles II and International Edition are getting a bit of an incentive today through a new preorder program with GameStop. From now until the game’s launch this September, gamers who put down their cash will receive access to an exclusive set of arms and armor that includes the White Knight’s Helm, Sword, and Shield.

From famed Japanese developer Level-5, White Knight Chronicles II, features stunning graphics, over 400 new weapons and armors, and new skills and spells that make battles more interactive, strategic and fast-paced. Fan-requested features were implemented that include, for the first time, the ability for a player to create and customize their very own Incorruptus (a unique knight) and an enhanced battle system. In addition to the full sequel, the game also includes the remastered White Knight Chronicles International Edition as a bonus, delivering two full games and over 100 hours of combined gameplay.

White Knight Chronicles II (PS3) DLC Announcement - Screenshot 2 Official Site: Facebook.com – White Knight Chronicles II

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