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Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, Resident Evil 4 HD rereleases get launch date, price

Resident Evil Code Veronica X (360, PS3) HD Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

Capcom has announced the launch dates of two upcoming Resident Evil HD rereleases. Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, originally released for the Dreamcast, will be available on September 27, and the series-changing Resident Evil 4 will launch on September 20. Both will be available for Live Games on Demand and PSN for 1600 MS Points/$19.99.


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No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise demo now on PSN

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (PS3) Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

A new demo for No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise has launched on PSN. The upcoming PS3-exclusive revamped port of the original, set to hit store shelves August 16, will feature updated visuals and support for the PS Move. The demo offers a chance for players to check out the new look as well as try out Travis’ beam katana using the Move setup.


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Serious Sam Double D screenshots released, servers explode

Serious Sam Double D (PC) July Screens Released - Header

Some new shots from Serious Sam Double D are now available for you good, explosion-loving folk. Part of the Serious Sam Indie Series, the Mommy’s Best Games-developed hand-drawn sidescroller pits Sam against hordes of suicidal tribomb villains, big-eyed aliens, and massive, massive insects.


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Deus Ex: Human Revolution goes gold

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (360, PC, PS3) Gold Announcement - Header

Square Enix has announced that Eidos-Montreal’s upcoming conspiracy-laden action-RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution has gone gold and will be available on August 23. Follow-up to 2003’s Invisible War and prequel to the 2000 original, Human Revolution follows the story of Adam Jensen, a man who was forcefully cybernetically augmented and now finds himself in the midst of a global conspiracy. As with its predecessors, Human Revolution will focus on choices, with the consequences of the actions taken leading to one of several endings.


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