Tor releases BioShock: Rapture, details on Halo: Primordium and The Moon Maze Game

BioShock Rapture (Book) Launch Announcement - Header

Tor has had a busy week. In addition to Comic-Con, the company has not only released a new title expanding the BioShock universe but also details on the upcoming Halo: Primordium and The Moon Maze Game. The big news, though, is the release of BioShock: Rapture. Penned by John Shirley (Eclipse, Black Glass), Rapture is a prequel to the first game and details Andrew Ryan’s rise and the founding of the now-famous underwater city. Gamers interested to find out more about life before the civil war can pick up a copy for $14.99.

The Greg Bear-penned Primordium will continue the three-part Forerunner Saga when it is released next year. The events follow shortly after those in part one, Cryptum. Two humans, connected with the Manipular, find themselves “captives and strategic pawns in a cosmic game whose madness knows no end.” The Saga will continue on January 3.

Finally, the fourth instalment of Larry Niven and Steven Barnes’ Dream Park series, The Moon Maze Game, will hit store shelves on August 26. Set in the year 2085, man has made his home among the stars and an heir to a great republic becomes trapped in a dangerous virtual reality game turned real.

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