Sins of a Solar Empire v1.3 released – man the cannons!

Sins of a Solar Empire (PC) v1.3 Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Sins of a Solar Empire received a significant update today which includes not only bug fixes but also some tweaks to diplomacy. A sample of the changes have been included below, but first, a quick note:  the update “will break save games and replays.” Be warned! On the upside, there are also interface changes, graphical touch-ups, and you might actually have a hand against those damn pirates now.

The full list of changes can be found on the official Sins of a Solar Empire forums.

[ Gameplay ]

  • Updated Diplomacy System – Substantially redesigned and rebalanced all the additions made in the Diplomacy expansion.
    • Relationship Factors: Changed to be more granular/randomized, based more on racial lore and take more internal gameplay actions into account.
      • Adjacent Territory: Penalty reduced based on distance between players.
      • Military Actions:  Variable factor that is now immediately based on players’ military actions.
        • Destroying another player’s enemy’s ships grants a bonus to relations (based on the fleet supply of the destroyed vessel).
        • Destroying enemy/friendly civilian or tactical structures or planets now grants a set relations bonus/penalty as appropriate.
      • AI Relationship Bonus:  This value only affects AI players and gives AI to AI relations an increasing amount of relations over time, capped to a maximum.  The speed of the increase is based on the AI’s difficulty level.
    • Pacts:
      • Pacts now require that both players achieve the minimum required relationship level to form an agreement.
    • Missions:
      • Updated the Mission system to make it easier to understand/use, especially for AI players.
      • Missions now have fixed costs and rewards based on mission type and level.
      • Mission failure relationship penalties are now half the reward by default.
      • Created new AI decision tree that allows AI players to better evaluate missions and decide if they will attempt to complete them or not. AI players will now immediately reject a mission they don’t intend to attempt.
    • Treaties:  Now require that both players have the minimum required relationship level.
    • Added second research level to each race’s third relationship tech and rebalanced each.
    • Allies may now send each other missions in locked team games.
  • Fixed bug in the Pirate Manifest for research and sound issues.

[ Graphics ]

  • Added new icon for Deconstruct.
  • Added new icons for new Pacts and Envoy abilities.
  • Added shield meshes for all race’s Envoy cruisers.

[ AI ]

  • Added Diplomacy Mission Decision system.  AI players will now evaluate and complete missions they deem are worthy (based largely on relationship).
  • AI players will now build superweapons!

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