Section 8: Prejudice – PS3 release details, date announced

Section 8 Prejudice (360, PC, PS3) PS3 Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1Section 8: Prejudice has officially been dated and will launch on PSN later this month, on July 26. The download-only, squad-based first-person shooter, recently released for the 360 and PC, will be available for $14.99. In addition to the game, PS3 gamers who purchase during the week of release will also receive the Blitz Armor Pack and Overdrive Map Pack for free. The packs contain two armor skins, early unlocks, and two additional multiplayer maps. PlayStation Plus subscribers get an extra unlock and an early bird bonus: the exclusive in-game Hunter Armor, and for the first 1,000 subscribers to purchase, a free copy of the original Section 8.

For more information on Section 8: Prejudice, check out our review of the PC version.


– Campaign mode: 5-hour story-driven single-player campaign
– Conquest mode: Large-scale multiplayer for up 40 players
– Swarm mode: Four player co-op mode where shooter gameplay meets tower defense
– Assault mode: Team-versus-team game mode where teams race to capture all Control Points in the fastest time
– Skirmish mode: Team-versus-team death match where Control Points cannot be captured and Victory Points are awarded for kills and completed missions.
– Offline bot support for all game modes
– Dynamic Combat Missions: ensure no two multiplayer games ever play the same
– Stats Portal that allows players to track their lifetime statistics, join Clans, compete in TimeGate-run events and much more

Section 8 Prejudice Overdrive Map Pack Release Announcement screenshotSection 8 Prejudice PC Launch Announcement screenshotOfficial Site:

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