Sony announces $20 million for PSN exclusives, Pub Fund

PSN Sony Investment Announcement header

Payday: The Heist

The PlayStation Network is set to receive a piece of the Sony pie, in the form of $20 million. The company has announced a three-year plan to support the development of PSN exclusives from first-party studios as well as from smaller studios via the Pub Fund program. Through Pub Fund, SCEA will help indies “with game design and marketing plans” while allowing the developers “to own the game’s intellectual property, publish the title and set the price.”

Burn, Zombie, Burn! was the first game released through the program, and future releases include Eufloria, action-puzzler Okabu, 3D puzzler-platformer Papo & Yo, and first-person shooter Payday: The Heist.

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