Panzer Corps now available – time to stock up on some prestige

Panzer Corps (PC) Launch Announcement screenshotSlitherine and Matrix Games have announced the release of The Lordz Games Studio’s latest WWII-themed strategy title, Panzer Corps. The Panzer General-inspired release has been quite the talk around the Depot digital lounge, and it’s looking like we might have lost one of your own to the battlefields of Europe—at least for the next week or so. (Come back home safe, George.) Fans of SSI’s classic can look forward to 400 unit types battling it out in 26 scenarios over 21 maps, covering both major battles during the war as well as ‘what if’ scenarios.

The scenarios are also combined into a larger campaign which has branching paths. The path taken will depend on the type of victory achieved or, for when things go south, defeat handed. Core units also follow generals throughout the campaign, gaining the experience necessary to turn into crack squads as well as wield new weapons as they become available.

Official Site(s) Matrix Games, Slitherine, and The Lordz Games Studio

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