Burnout goes download only with Burnout Crash!

Burnout Crash (360, PS3) Announcement screenshot

Electronic Arts has announced that Burnout Crash!, the next iteration of Criterion Games’ Burnout series, will launch this fall on Live Arcade and PS Network. As the name implies, the focus of the game’s three modes will be on the series’ popular Crash mode. A new top-down perspective and cartoon visuals help to shake things up as six locations and 18 crash junctions offer players a chance to wreck as many cars and cause as much destruction as possible.

Crash will also implement Autolog to allow players to compete and compare scores, as well as take part in Autolog Challenges. In addition, the 360 version will support Kinect to allow for two players to race on the same screen by using gestural controls.

Official Site: CriterionGames.com

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