Winter Wolves and friends offering sci-fi-themed bundle at 50% off

Winter Wolves Indi SciFi Bundle Announcement headerSteam isn’t the only outlet with sales going on. Winter Wolves has sent word that they have joined with Wadjet Eye and Hanako Games to offer four of their sci-fi titles in a bundle offer. Bionic Heart, Date Warp, Gemini Rue, and Planet Stronghold (more info below) are all going for $39.99, making for a 50% discount. The sale ends July 10.

Gemini Rue – An award-winning point-and-click adventure game, featuring old-school pixel graphics with a modern twist. An ex-assassin must seek help from the criminal underworld he once worked for, while a man with no memory tries to escape from the sinister organisation holding him captive. Discover a world where life is cheap, identities are bought and sold, and a quest for redemption can change the fate of a whole galaxy.

Date Warp – A thunderstorm at night, a broken-down car, a mysterious mansion in the woods – how wrong can a first date go? Trapped in the clutches of a mad scientist, you must make decisions to solve the mystery behind his experiments, or disappear forever!

Bionic Heart – Explore a dark future, a world trapped in a permanent rainstorm, where the natural has been replaced by the artificial. What does it mean to be human? Can machines truly feel? Find your own answers in this fully voice-acted visual novel with twenty-four different endings.

Planet Stronghold – Join the military and begin your assignment on a human outpost in space! War is coming, and your decisions will change the fate of the planet. Fight for your beliefs in over fifty hours of turn-based RPG action.

Official Site: – Sci-Fi Bundle

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