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Riot Games extends League of Legends service in Europe

League of Legends (PC) EU Service Extension header

In an effort to further their plans to conquer Europe, Riot Games will soon be expanding service to their popular online strategy-RPG League of Legends. The studio plans to launch a second platform, which will allow them to split service in Europe by region between the two (‘EU Nordic & East’ and ‘EU West’).


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Battlefield Heroes turns 2, new map and free Party Packs announced

Battlefield Heroes (PC) Wake Island and Party Pack Announcement screenshot

To celebrate its second year in operation as well as breaking the 8-million-player milestone, EA has announced a new map and free Party Packs for Battlefield Heroes. Wake Island, the popular map from Battlefield 1942, will be launching on the free-to-play third-person shooter later this month. Also, players who log in between June 30 3:00pm (PT) and July 7 11:59pm (PT) will receive two free Party Packs: one Royal and one National.


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(Xbox 360 Review) Virtua Tennis 4

“The series might not change much over the years, but its core mechanics remain one of the best in any sports title.”


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