World of Warcraft – Rage of the Firelands update released, new trial and Battle Chest announced

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A slew of World of Warcraft news today, with a little something for everyone. Not only has new content update been released, but there’s also a revamped trial, a new Battle Chest, and free content. More details can be found below.

Rage of the Firelands (patch 4.2) recently launched for the Cataclysm expansion. The latest update adds a new raid, legendary DPS staff quest line, PvP Season 10, interface enhancements, and a host of other tweaks and extras. For those looking to jump into the universe, the previous time-limited trial has been revamped and retitled, now known as the World of Warcraft Starter Edition. The 10- and 14-day limit has been done away with so that players can take their time reaching the Starter Edition’s max level of 20.

Also, the digital version of the Battle Chest has also been beefed up with the inclusion of the first expansion, The Burning Crusade. The updated Chest can be purchased online at the Blizzard Store for $19.99. But that’s not all! If you own the original World of Warcaft, you now automatically have access to all of the content and features from The Burning Crusade for free.

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