Dead Block release date, price announced

Dead Block (360, PS3) elease Date and Price Announcement screenshot

Digital Reality has sent word that Dead Block, Candygun Games’ upcoming ‘zombie defense game,’ will be going for the head next month when it launches for the 360 and PS3. Set to release on Live Arcade on July 6 and PS Network on July 20, the undead action is said to be a “campy and humor-filled title that mixes zombie killing with tactical defense strategies.” Players are taken back to the 1950s shortly after a zombie apocalypse as one of three survivors:  Boy Scout Mike Bacon, construction worker Jack Foster, and meter maid Foxy Jones. Each must fortify an area against waves of zombie hordes, utilizing special attacks as well as unlockable weapons and traps. Drop-in/drop-out play will also be supported so that up to four players can co-op the undead to redeath.

Dead Block will go for 800 MS Points/$9.99.

Official Site:

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