Dark Souls shield design contest announced

Dark Souls (360, PS3) Shield Design Contest Announcement header

This isn’t normally something we would bring to you good people, but A.) we loved (love) Demon’s Souls and B.) the idea of user-created shield emblems in a tough-as-nails RPG is awesome. With that said, Namco Bandai is running a Facebook contest for Dark Souls, the 360 and PS3 spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, in which contestants submit shield designs from now until July 13 via Facebook.com – Dark Souls. The three winning designs will then be available as post-launch content, and their designers will receive both a copy of the limited edition version signed by game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and their name in the credits.

Up to three designs can be submitted one for each of the three provided templates, after which other fans will vote for their top picks until July 20. The final winners will then be picked by the development team at From Software themselves on July 28.

Official Site: Facebook.com – Dark Souls

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