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Boulder Dash-XL – Live release date, details announced

Boulder Dash XL (360, PC) Live Release Date Announcement screenshot 1

Boulder Dash-XL, a modern revamp of the ’80s classic, is slated to launch on Live Arcade on July 13 for 800 MS Points. The Kalypso-published title, co-developed by Catnip Games and First Star Software, will include four game modes (Puzzle, Zen, Time Challenge, Retro, and Arcade), HD graphics, four game worlds, online leaderboards, over 150 new caves, two new modes (Puzzle Mode and Score Attack), and a new scoring mechanism. In a nod to the original, Retro Mode’s 25 caves will “use 3D interpretations of the original bitmap graphics from 1984.”


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Crysis 2 – PC Ultra Upgrade now available, Map Editor announced

Crysis 2 (PC) Ultra Upgrade Announcement screenshot 1

The PC version of Crysis 2 received an update recently, dubbed the Crysis 2 Ultra Upgrade, that adds full DirectX11 support. The update includes tessellation, water rendering improvements, high-quality HDR motion blur, higher quality texture formats with the optional high-res texture pack, and even more effects. To download the upgrade, simply boot up the game and go online for the auto install to initiate. A new Map Editor Pack will also be released for free this Wednesday at http://mycrysis.com.


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Dark Souls shield design contest announced

Dark Souls (360, PS3) Shield Design Contest Announcement header

This isn’t normally something we would bring to you good people, but A.) we loved (love) Demon’s Souls and B.) the idea of user-created shield emblems in a tough-as-nails RPG is awesome. With that said, Namco Bandai is running a Facebook contest for Dark Souls, the 360 and PS3 spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, in which contestants submit shield designs from now until July 13 via Facebook.com – Dark Souls. The three winning designs will then be available as post-launch content, and their designers will receive both a copy of the limited edition version signed by game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and their name in the credits.


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Cave Story 3D pushed back, new screenshots released

Cave Story 3D (3DS) New Release Date, June Screenshots header

Some bad news on the Cave Story 3D front: the game has been pushed back to November 8, “due to additional game improvements.” But there is some good news! A second batch of screenshots has been released, showing off some of the development progress that’s been made—check out that dual-screen action (ow!).



(PC Review) The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

“… one of the most satisfying role-playing experiences to come down the pike in some time.”


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