Wii getting bitted and tripped out with Bit.Trip Complete

Bit.Trip Complete Announcement header

When asked whether CommanderVideo was going to take a much-deserved rest after announcing his upcoming collection on the 3DS, Bit.Trip Saga, he replied, “No—for there is more.” With that, Aksys and Gaijin have revealed Bit.Trip Complete for the Wii. The six-game package includes all of the commander’s adventures, new difficulty modes in all games, online leaderboards, letters to the fans from the series’ director, image gallery with concept and promo art, online leaderboards, video gallery with 25 movies, and—whew!—a soundtrack sampler disc.

Both Saga for the 3DS and Complete for the Wii will hit store shelves on September 13.

Official Site(s): AksysGames.com – Bit.Trip Beat and GaijinGames.com

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