Hellgate open beta, event info announced

Hellgate (PC) Open Beta Details Announced screenshot

T3 Entertainment has sent word that their free-to-play rerelease of Hellgate will enter open beta on June 30. The open beta will include access to two new game modes, as well as four events to celebrate the occasion. The two modes are  the PvP-based Duel Area and the Cow Room. The events include Guild Reservoir, Daily Supplies, To Level in Hell, and Level and Be Rewarded. More info about each is included below.

Duel Arena features a modifiable rule set as well as four areas to battle in (Abandoned Passage, Black Wall Way, Forgotten Grave, and Passage of Hallucination). The winning team will receive points to spend on pets and other in-game items, and the weekly top ten players will receive additional rewards. Cow Room pits players against hordes of normal and mummified zombies, along with their boss, amidst a blinding sandstorm. A special recipe is needed to create the key necessary to enter the room, but players who are able to tackle the challenge will receive “the newest and rarest Hellgate item drops.”

The announced events are best thought of as digital champagne poppers, with players receiving plenty of coin and special drops as a reward for participating in the beta. Guild Reservoir allows guilds with 30 or more members to team together in order to earn goodies for their members. The month-long Daily Supplies will see loot scattered around the Greenwich headquarters, with players having a chance to score up to four items a day. For those looking for even more rewards, To Level in Hell will reward 10 players who rocket to level 20 with 3,000 TCoins. Finally, Level and Be Rewarded will give special prizes to all players when they reach levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50.

Official Site: Hellgate.T3Fun.com

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