Deus Ex: Human Revolution-inspired art show announced

Deus Ex Human Revolution Art Show Announcement headerArtists spanning a range of mediums—street art, visual, graffiti, and photography—are coming together on July 28 in New York City’s Wooster Street Social Club to show off original material based off of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The exhibit will run for two weeks and follow a theme based on the game’s world, which is “currently at its turning point due to cybernetic augmentation.” Each artist will create either a pro-augmentation or anti-augmentation poster-style image inspired by in-game factions. Proceeds from sales will also be used to “supporting further education in the arts.” A full list of the artists whose works will be on display is provided below.

Human Revolution is set to hit store shelves on August 23 for the 360, PC (Steam and OnLive), and PS3.

3rassiere – comprised of Justin Metros and Alex Tarrant who is the editor of New Media/Technology at JUXTAPOZ magazine, as well as a designer at Upper Playground and 900bats. They live and work in San Francisco.

Estevan Oriol – is a veteran Los Angeles-based photographer whose work focuses on LA culture and lifestyles. His work his currently on display at the “Art in the Streets” exhibition at the MOCA.

Eyeone – is a Los Angeles-based artist with a body of work ranging from street art to graphic design. His work is currently on display at Pasadena Museum of California Art.

Jeremy Fish – hails from San Francisco, and acts as both a fine artist—exhibiting his work in domestic and international galleries— and a commercial illustrator and designer, creating murals, vinyl toys, apparel, and more.

Jorge Alderete – is a Mexico-based artist known for his explosive international collection of contemporary and custom art.

N8 Van Dyke – is an artist and illustrator whose work spans a wide variety of mediums, from pencil and ink to acrylic and oil pants. His uniquely detailed work has been featured in galleries around the world.

Rico Deniro – exhibited his first solo show earlier this year at the FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco. His art direction resulted in a collection of pop culture icons, hand-carved into mask form, by rural Mexican villagers who had no idea who these icons were.

Robert Abeyta, Jr. – having served as art director for brands like Stussy and Nike, Rob Abeyta, Jr. is renowned for his many skills in the fields of graphic design, painting, street art, and founder of the creative applications group, DualForces.

Sam Flores- is a graphic designer, street artist, and fine artist in San Francisco, California. His work has been displayed in many galleries and art publications.

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