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BioShock: Rapture excerpt available online

BioShock Rapture Excerpt Announcement cover header

Fans of BioShock will get a chance to delve deeper into its lore today with a new excerpt from Tor Books’ upcoming John Shirley-penned BioShock: Rapture. The Black Butterflies author takes readers through the events that led up to the original, covering Andrew Ryan’s break from the outside world and the founding of the now-famous city. The full version is set to hit store shelves on July 19, and the excerpt can be found on Tor.com.


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Record of Agarest War Zero now available for 360, PS3

Record of Agarest War Zero Launch Announcement header

Aksys Games and Idea Factory’s latest strategy-RPG, Record of Agarest War Zero, is now available for the 360 and PS3. Prequel to last year’s Record of Agarest War, Zero features new animated conversation portraits, a new skill card system for combat, and Free Intention. Free Intention offers a new way to explore towns and not only interact with party members, but to influence their evolving relationships.


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