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Assassin’s Creed Revelations pre-order extras, Ubisoft 25th anniversary Live Avatar items detailed

Ubisoft E3 Revelations Preorder and Avatar Item Announcements Rayman Origins Globox Shirt

Some Assassin’s Creed Revelations pre-order programs were announced, as well as some new Live Avatar items to celebrate Ubisoft’s 25th anniversary. Gamers who frequent GameStop or Best Buy and are looking to pick up Revelations, take notice.


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Silent Hill returns with collection, new console and handheld titles

Silent Hill Downpour E3 Announcements screenshot 1

Silent Hill fans have a lot to look forward to after Konami’s E3 press conference. In addition to the next release in the series, the 3D-supported Downpour, for the 360 and PS3, there is also a planned compilation pack and Vita release. Silent Hill Collections will be released on the PS3 this fall and include Silent Hill 2 and 3—no original?—complete with revamped HD graphics, trophy support, and new voice acting. Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a new release for Sony’s upcoming handheld, and will include a new soundtrack from series composer Daniel Licht and a co-op multiplayer mode.


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