Super Street Fighter IV’s Arcade Edition premium update now available on Live, PSN

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition DLC Launch Announcement screenshot 1

The digital upgrade release of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition for Super Street Fighter IV is now available for the 360 and PS3. For gamers who would prefer the physical route, Live and PS Network can be bypassed with a little patience as the standalone releases will hit store shelves later this month on June 28. The digital version is going for 1200 MS Points/$14.99 while the physical version will go for $39.99. SSFIV players will be able to play online against those with Arcade Edition by way of a free downloadable update. The Arcade Edition features four new characters, including Evil Ryu and Street Fighter III’s Yun and Yang, balance tweaks, an updated Replay Channel, and more.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition brings the total roster to 39, adding four new characters into the battle with Evil Ryu, well-known twins Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III, and an all new character, Oni. Each with their own unique move sets and super combos, these new characters are beautifully rendered in the trademark Super Street Fighter art style. All the returning characters in the roster have also been rebalanced, from subtle changes such as recovery speeds to more drastic hit box alterations.

The updated Replay Channel allows players to share their favorite battles with other players and makes it easier to watch matches for the best “Street Fighters” available. The Replay Follower allows tracking for 5 favorite players with notifications when new replays are available from this set. Proud players can distribute their data to up to 50 friends via the My Channel Advanced feature. Matches by featuring the best-of-the-best can be viewed on the Elite Channel where players can watch replays of the top players by filtering out matches with lower scores.

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