Mass Effect 3 release date, screens released

Mass Effect 3 Release Date Announcement screenshot 1

The Reaper’s assault on the galaxy continues next March when Mass Effect 3 launches for the 360 (with Kinect support), PC, and PS3. When gamers rejoin Commander Shepard on March 6, they will find Earth overrun and the denizens of the galaxy on the brink of defeat. As Shepard, players will lead the counterattack to save those that can be saved and sacrifice those that can’t, as some allies and planets must fall to the Reapers for others to continue the fight.

In addition to a standard edition, there will also be a $79.99 Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition. The CE will include bonus content and unlockable items, such as in-game appearance packs, a Dark Horse comic, hardcover art book, extended soundtrack, exclusive lithograph, and an N7 patch. An exclusive N7 Arsenal Pack with four tactical guns will also be instantly available for gamers who pick up the CE. The digital version, available only at EA’s recently launched Origin online store, will include the same bonus items, except for the patch.

Mass Effect 3 Release Date Announcement screenshot 2

Mass Effect 3 Release Date Announcement screenshot 3

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