Aliens: Colonial Marines dated, countdown to bug hunt begins

Aliens Colonial Marines Release Date Announcement screenshot

While Duke Nukem Forever might be getting the lion’s share of attention lately, developer Gearbox Software has been working for quite some time on another highly anticipated first-person shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Today, Sega has finally given a ship date for the elusive squad-based shooter, with deployment set for next spring for the 360, PC, and PS3. Additional details will be known after E3, once gamers get a chance to check out Colonial Marines for themselves at Sega’s booth in the South Hall.

Aliens: Colonial Marines begins with an ostensibly abandoned ship, the U.S.S. Sulaco, recovered in orbit around LV-426. Players lead a group of highly trained United States Colonial Marines as they board the deserted craft to uncover the fate of the crew. They will have to fight to survive unspeakable horrors and their own anxieties as they chase down the truth behind a galaxy-spanning deception that places humanity at the mercy of the most murderous and deadly species in the universe. Aliens: Colonial Marines features authentic environments, such as the surface of LV-426 and Hadley’s Hope, weapons inspired by the film series and is designed to provide an exhilarating and engaging new chapter in the Aliens universe.

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