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Sonic Generations heading to 3DS

Sonic Generations 3DS Announcement Sonics

The 3DS joins the 360 and PS3 as a future home for Sonic Generations, the upcoming celebratory mishmash of Sonic past and present. All versions are set to come out next November, to coincide with the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The 3DS will also share the same time-traveling storyline that will have players reliving the original’s levels in both 3D and 2D. In addition, the 3DS version will include unlockable special stages, StreetPass support (for players to gain new content when they pass other players), as well as a two-player versus mode.



Section 8: Prejudice – Overdrive Map Pack, Patch released, Double-XP weekend announced

Section 8 Prejudice Overdrive Map Pack Release Announcement screenshot

Some rumblings on the Section 8: Prejudice front today with the launch of the Overdrive Map Pack, a freshly released patch for both 360 and PC versions, and the announcement of an upcoming Double-XP weekend event. The Overdrive Map Pack sports two new maps and is going for $3.99/320 MS Points, and in celebration, TimeGate is hosting a Double-XP weekend that will start at 12 a.m. (CST) on June 3 and end at 12 a.m. (CST) on June 6. Gamers looking to check out the numerous fixes and tweaks the recent patch includes, such as the ability to turn autobalancing off and a fix for the 360’s hard-lock issues, can check out the community site—or just read below!


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PlayStation Network to be fully restored tomorrow, Home virtual E3 booth detailed

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network will be fully restored and available to access tomorrow in the Americas, Europe/PAL territories and Asia, excluding Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Music Unlimited for PS3, PSP, and PC is also up and running. Details regarding full restoration in Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea will be available at a later date. Additionally, details about each region’s Welcome Back package are still to be announced.


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Might & Magic Heroes VI beta to begin later this month

Heroes of Might and Magic VI Beta Launch Date Announcement header

Gamers looking to get in on some Might & Magic Heroes VI action before it hits store shelves don’t have much longer to wait. Ubisoft has announced that the beta, keys to which are available to those who pre-order, will kick off on June 28. The beta will include three single-player maps, one multiplayer map, access to the new factions, and two-player hot seat multiplayer support.


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Aliens: Colonial Marines dated, countdown to bug hunt begins

Aliens Colonial Marines Release Date Announcement screenshot

While Duke Nukem Forever might be getting the lion’s share of attention lately, developer Gearbox Software has been working for quite some time on another highly anticipated first-person shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Today, Sega has finally given a ship date for the elusive squad-based shooter, with deployment set for next spring for the 360, PC, and PS3. Additional details will be known after E3, once gamers get a chance to check out Colonial Marines for themselves at Sega’s booth in the South Hall.


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Bleach: Soul Resurrección box art revealed

Bleach Soul Resurreccion Box PS3 header

NIS has given up the goods to Bleach fans today with the unveiling of the official box art for the upcoming PS3 release, Bleach: Soul Resurrección. Fans of the Viz Media series can look forward to taking control of one of the 21 playable characters in a free-roaming action-adventure stacked with multiple modes, a robust leveling system, and more when Soul Resurrección hits store shelves this August.


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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II now available for 3DS, PSP

BlazBlue Continuum Shift II Launch 3DS screenshot

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II, an enhanced port of the original console release, is now available for the PSP and 3DS. Continuum Shift II includes all of the single-player features from the original (Arcade, Score Attack, Training, and Story modes) and an ad-hoc mode for up to four-player multiplayer, with two players brawling and two watching. There are also some port-specific inclusions, such as new story segments for Story Mode and Arcade Mode, a revamped Challenge Mode, Abyss Mode, and Legion 1.5 Mode. The 3DS version will also include 3D effects. Finally, rounding out the feature set is the entire case of the original plus three DLC characters, making for an 18-fighter-strong roster, as well as the balance and revision tweaks introduced in system version 1.03.


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Otomedius Excellent dated, Special Edition announced

Otomedius Excellent Box 360 header

Konami has announced that their upcoming Gradius-inspired 2D shooter Otomedius Excellent will be arriving in two versions, a standard edition for $29.99 and a Special Edition for $49.99. Both versions are set to hit store shelves on July 19, with the Special Edition including a two-sided pillowcase featuring the main characters, an art book, and a soundtrack, as well as more announced goodies.


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The Creative Assembly Australia changes name, spreads its wings

Sega Studios Australia logo

The Creative Assembly Australia, founded in 2002 and involved with both Rome and Medieval II, has undergone a name change today. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to SEGA Studios Australia. In the process of adapting to the shift from the last generation to the current, the studio has received a bit of an upgrade as they are now moving towards original product and away from the Total War line.



(Xbox 360 Review) Pinball FX2 – Fantastic Four Table

“Quite simply one of the best pinball offerings out there, and if you own Pinball FX2, you’ll love this table.”


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