Shinobi set to avenge the clan’s honor on 3DS this summer

Shinobi 3DS Announced headerThe Shinobi series last made an appearance in 2003 with Nightshade for the PS2. Needless to say, a new entry is long overdue. Not only will the series return this September with Griptonite Games’ Shinobi for the 3DS, but it’s a prequel of sorts, focusing on the father of the series’ original protagonist Joe Musashi. As Jiro Musashi, players will be able to utilize a new combo system that includes “melee, ranged and acrobatic attacks” as well as a bit of magic.

Ah, what would a ninja do without magic? Probably not explode as much.

Shinobi 3DS Announced screenshotOfficial Site: – Shinobi

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