Konami to bring Gaijin’s Birds of Steel to 360, PS3

Birds of Steel Announcement screenshot 1

Gaijin Entertainment, developer of IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey and Apache: Air Assault, is gearing up to release another flight sim for the 360 and PS3, Birds of Steel. Konami has announced that they will be publishing the upcoming WWII flight sim, though an exact release date was not given. In addition to historical and fictional campaigns, the game will also include a dynamic online campaign, co-op strike campaigns, Capture the Airfield missions, tournament play, and 16-player team deathmatch versus.

The game is set to include over 100 axis and allied fighters, such as the Spitfire, P-51D Mustang, Zero, and Messerschmitt 109. Would-be aces will fight in the American and Japanese Navy, Army, and Air Forces in numerous fictional missions and in over 20 historical missions based around the Battle of Midway, Battle of Guadalcanal, Battle of the Coral Sea, the Siege of Malta, and Pearl Harbor. Planes will react realistically so that “players experience lifelike aircraft damage, cockpit views and flight controls.” Combat action will also affect other theaters of operation “as ground troops and artillery batteries react to the ensuing air battles and squadron missions.” Players will also be able to capture, edit, and share replays.

Birds of Steel Announcement screenshot 2

Birds of Steel Announcement screenshot 3

Official Site: Gaijin Entertainment – Games

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