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Marvel Pinball Fantastic Four launches on Live Arcade, soon on PSN

Fantastic Four Launch Announcement screenshot

Marvel Pinball Fantastic Four is now available on Live Arcade. As part of the Pinball FX2 platform, Fantastic Four features new Achievements/Trophies, operators menu and rule sheet, as well as “loads of interactive 3D models, online multiplayer competition and multiple layers of Super Hero gameplay.” The table also includes a host of other Marvel characters, including Galactus, Doctor Doom, Super-Skrull, the Mole Man, and H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot.


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Sega Rally Online Arcade kicks up some dirt on Live

Sega Rally Online Launch Announcement screenshot

Sega Rally returns to the 360 today with the download-only Sega Rally Online Arcade. The 800 MS Point racer, said to be inspired by Sega Rally Revo and Sega Rally 3, includes 13 cars, Championship Battle mode, Time Attack mode, and online racing for up to six players. The ego will also get a boost from new Achievements and an online leaderboard.


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(PC Review) Section 8: Prejudice

“… multiplayer gamers will find a lot to like for $15.”


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