L.A. Noire doing some serious gumshoeing on the mean streets

LA Noir Launch Announcement screenshot

It’s time to break out the fedora and dust off your revolver, Rockstar Games and Team Bondi’s L.A. Noire is now available for the 360 and PS3. The crime thriller, set in 1947 Los Angeles, sees decorated WWII vet Cole Phelps hit the streets as a rookie detective during Hollwood’s Golden Age.

Phelps will need to solve cases based on actual events by hunting down clues, interrogating suspects, and possibly giving a rowdy fat-head a good what for. As cases are put away, Phelps will climb the ranks and face not only the darker side of Los Angeles, but also the darker side of himself. Through new MotionScan technology, players will interact with realistic characters whose movements are based off the recorded motions of actual actors. Seen any footage of it? Oh, it’s eerie. But not as eerie as an unsolved murder. Now get out there and clean up that mess of a town.

Official Site: RockstarGames.com – L.A. Noire

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