Starhawk announced for PS3

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The ‘hawk series will continue in 2012 with a hard-edged spin-off, Starhawk. Currently in development at LightBox Interactive, in collaboration with Sony Santa Monica Studio, Starhawk will continue the third-person shooter action while expanding on the out-of-the-cockpit elements introduced in the 2007’s Warhawk as well as add a bit of real-time strategy to the mix. Players will take on the role of Emmett Graves, a gunslinger whose exposure to the powerful Rift Energy on the Frontier planets has left him partly mutated.

After returning home, Graves finds himself caught in a battle between the Rifters, those humans who populate the far reaches of space known as the Frontier, and the Outcast, humans who have fully mutated into crazed beasts from overexpose to Rift Energy. The battle will be played out in a single-player campaign with orbiting drop ships delivering offensive and defensive structures as players zip around dogfighting. The story can be played with up to three friends in four-player offline and online co-op. Other multiplayer modes include online 32-player versus, as well split-screen support for both multiplayer and co-op. A host of community features have also been planned, including tournaments, leaderboards, clan support, events calendar, and even an Android app that tracks friends, clan mates, and stats when offline.

Starhawk’s feature set begins with a host of weaponry and a multitude of vehicles for high-speed, extreme combat combined with intense vehicular warfare on both land and air.  The game’s innovative Build & Battle system lets players alter the moment to moment action by giving them the ability to change the dynamic of the battlefield instantly with a selection of base structures at their disposal, all while in the midst of the fight.  By the touch of a button players can violently deploy a number of buildings, vehicles, or artillery to strategically complete mission objectives and defeat enemies.  Through the sophisticated architecture of the PS3 system, the instantaneous customization that Build & Battle provides, as well as the breadth of gameplay that spans multiple modes, is made possible.

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