Tales of Graces f announced for PS3, Tales of the Abyss for 3DS

Tales of Graces f Announcement screenshot 2

Tales of Graces f (PS3)

More news out of Namco Bandai today with the announcement that the company will be bringing over Tales of Graces f for the PS3 and Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS. Tales of Graces f marks the first time the series will be available on the PS3 in North America, but it won’t be making it onto store shelves until next year. Tales of the Abyss is arriving a bit sooner, with the release scheduled for “later this year.”

Set in a world split between three warring kingdoms, Tales of Graces f follows Asbel Lhant as he and his friends try to remain united in the face of such adversity. Combat will be different this time around, with players being able to change attack style whenever they wish and allowing for weapons to be swapped out for different styles. Tales of the Abyss, originally released for the PS2, is being updated for the 3DS to tell the story of Luke fon Fabre with full 3D and dual-screen support. Luke is a naïve aristocrat that has been spoiled by years of isolation, but he will soon be facing seemingly insurmountable odds as the future of the world hinges on his actions.

Tales of the Abyss Announcement screenshot 1

Tales of the Abyss (3DS)

Tales of the Abyss Announcement screenshot 2

Tales of the Abyss (3DS)

Official Site: TalesRPG.com

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