Section 8: Prejudice – gamers answer call, Assault mode unlocked

Section 8 Prejudice Assault Mode Unlocked announcement screenshot

Annnnd done! Just two weeks after TimeGate announced that they would unlock Assault mode for Section 8: Prejudice once players had accumulated 10 million kills, the company has sent word that the count has been reached. For all of their hard work (and glorious victories), 360 and PC gamers now have access to a new assault-and-defend mode where teams square off over ownership of Control Points.

In addition, TimeGate and Microsoft will also be holding a Game with Devs session on the 360 this Sunday, from 5 to 8pm Eastern Time.

For only $15, Prejudice offers 32-player multiplayer across two game modes, a four-player co-operative mode, offline bot support, a full stats portal, a solid single-player campaign, an extensive unlock system, deployable vehicles and base defenses and much more!

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