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Faery: Legends of Avalon available for PC

Faery PC Launch Announcement screenshot 2

Focus Home Interactive has announced that Spiders’ role-playing title Faery: Legends of Avalon is now available for PC. The title isn’t available in stores, however, but by download from the official site as well as several digital distribution platforms. The 10- to 15-hour adventure can be purchased for $14.99.


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Zen Pinball THD heading to Tegra-powered smart phones and tablets

Zen Pinball THD Announcement header

Following on the heels of its Fantastic Four table announcement for Marvel Pinball and Pinball FX2, Zen Studios has sent word that they are at it again with another pinball release, this time for mobile phones. Dubbed Zen Pinball THD, this new version of the PlayStation 3 release Zen Pinball is being developed for Tegra-powered smart phones and tablets. Zen Studios will be showing one of the included tables, the Sorcerer’s Lair, at the 2011 Google I/O Developer Conference. The announced features include multiple play modes, achievements, online multiplayer, multi-day worldwide tournaments, and global leaderboards.