Spiderweb launches new role-playing game, Avadon

Avadon Launch Announcement screenshot

Spiderweb Software, the 15-year-old indie studio behind such role-playing series as Avernum and Geneforge, is back with their fourteenth release: Avadon. Available for Windows and Mac, players take on the role of a Hand of Avadon, a soldier in the service of the five-nation confederation known as The Pact. The Hands are slowly being exterminated, and it’s up to the player to find out what’s behind the recent assassinations and the machinations at play to undermine The Pact.

Embark on a whole new world full of danger, mystery, and intrigue.  Visit all 5 lands within The Pact as well as travel to the barbarian regions outside it.  Select one of four playable classes and build the character via a unique skill tree.  Enjoy hundreds of dialogue options that will influence your quests, your future, and your rewards.  With over 50 hours of play, Avadon will keep you glued to your seat as the story unravels.

Avadon Launch Announcement screenshot 2

Official Site: SpiderwebSoftware.com

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