Guardian Heroes hitting Live Arcade this fall

Guardian Heroes Live Arcade Announcement_logo

Dear Reader, please believe me when I tell you that this is awesome news: Sega will be releasing Treasure’s classic action-RPG Guardian Heroes for Live Arcade this fall. I still have my launch copy of the game sitting at the ready near one of my three Saturns and play it regularly—it’s that good.

The 1996 brawler features a leveling system, five heroes, a branching storyline with five endings, and a massive versus mode in which nearly every creature is selectable as a fighter (including a rabbit). Even better, the re-release will feature online co-op and battle mode, with Story Mode supporting two players and Versus Mode twelve, high-definition graphics with widescreen presentation, and three additional modes (Time Attack Mode, Arcade Mode, and Arrange Mode).

Not only is this a chance to play one of the system’s greats, as well as one of Treasure’s best, but also the most affordable way as it regularly fetches $70 and up on eBay.

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