Din’s Curse (and Demon War) 1.024 patch released

Dins Curse Demon War 1.024 Patch Launch screenshot

Another Din’s Curse update for you intrepid adventurers out there. Soldak has released the 1.024 patch today, which includes bug fixes, interface adjustments, and general polish tweaks for the base game and Demon War expansion.

A handful of the fixes are listed below, and the full list can be found here.

– added text to specify shock bolt’s stun chance (bushwhacker2k)

– chaos lord’s fireballs no longer homing (Evander)

– now only get tornados in town when there is a weather machine (DemonWar)

– increased tornados from weather machines from 0.02 to 0.025 (DemonWar)

– moved right click ui to side of the screen in widescreen mode

– moved event text ui to side of the screen in widescreen mode

– moved player ui to side of the screen in widescreen mode

– increased mana needed per level of most skills

– once a trap goes off from a chest/door the trap info updates (Manumitted)

– fixed Wampir Whacker spelling (Manumitted)

– moved arrows for right click slots to align with bottom slot

– Sven’s Falchion really is falchion now (Valgor)

– fixed a collision issue in crystal cave (DemonWar) (Arjun123)

– added 0.75 strength required per level for cloth armor

– added 1.0 strength required per level for leather armor

– now longer status effect icons will blink when they get below 5 seconds left (Evander)

– increased defense magic modifiers from 1.0/0.4 to 2.0/0.8 (Manumitted)

– added magic chests (always locked, all items are destroyed if chest is destroyed) (Bluddy)

– fixed of Religion spelling (Caal)

– fixed time display from midnight to 1am (Caal)

– moved the equipment screen some so that it wasn’t overlapping the secondary use slot bar (stubbie)

– shields now have durability (will only effect new shields) (Maledictus)

– now turning off show simple tips also hides empty – can put any kind of item here tip (Maledictus)

– fixed system picking up zip files multiple times

Official Site: Soldak.com – Din’s Curse Patches

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