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Section 8: Prejudice – PC version launches, Assault mode awaiting 10 million kills

Section 8 Prejudice PC Launch Announcement screenshot

Some news on the Section 8: Prejudice front today. First up, developer TimeGate Studios has launched a kill counter across both the 360 and PC versions to introduce a new mode. The sooner players get to 10 million kills, the sooner the Assault game mode is unlocked for play. In Assault, teams are pitted against one another over Control Points, with the attackers trying to achieve control in the fastest time possible and the defenders trying to hold out for as long as possible. And the other bit of news, most likely spotted by you eagle-eyed readers, is that the PC version of Prejudice is now available for purchase. Shooter fans can find it on Steam, Games for Windows Marketplace, Direct2Drive, and Impulse.



Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury now on Live Arcade, missiles launched

Bangai-O HD Missile Fury Launch Announcement screenshot 1

Sent by Treasure to crush all hardware in its path, the explosive hyperkinetic action-puzzler Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury is now available for the 360. For 800 MS Points ($10), gamers will get a chance to solve puzzles using a mech, lasers, and hundreds of missiles.


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The Darkness II hitting store shelves this fall

The Darkness II Release Date Announcement screenshot

The Darkness II, sequel to the 2007 original reviewed here, has been officially dated. Gamers will get to step back into the shoes of Jackie Estacado and his ever-deadly demonic companion this fall when The Darkness II launches for the 360, PC, and PS3 on October 4. Readers unfamiliar with Jackie and his relationship with The Darkness, which gives him access to sentient Demon Arms, can check out the new trailer that recently launched at the official site.


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Moon Diver launches on Live Arcade

Moondiver 360 Release Announcement header

Square Enix’s Moon Diver is now available for the 360. Developed by feelplus inc. and created by Strider designer Koichi Yotsui, co-op side-scrolling fans can snag the full copy for 1200 MS Points.


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