Elemental: War of Magic – substantial 1.2 patch released

Elemental 1.2 Patch Launch screenshot

There’s no doubt that Elemental: War of Magic had a rough start, but judging by the change log of today’s patch, Stardock’s been busy hammering out the (many) kinks. The 1.2 update not only includes a plethora of bug fixes but also interface, mechanic, and AI tweaks—as well as a few new maps for good measure.

The patch, and full patch notes, can be found at the game’s official site, www.elementalgame.com. A handful of the changes are listed below.

New Features/UI changes:
– Raze city no longer requires a tech and is available right off the bat for all of your cities.

– Prestige penalty for multiple cities has been broken out in the Other category on the city screen (instead of being a part of the base prestige number).

– In the city breakdown the amount of buildings is listed (so it will say Study x3 if you have 3 studies in that city).

– Added a new game option to adjust Movie volume.

– Removed the city idle dialog, replaced with a report item notification in the event list.

– Pioneers/sovereigns cannot build/found cities in other people’s territory

– Empire can now claim refugee camps.

– Added 4 new maps.

– When you select an army on the main map, it now only shows the spellcasting action if the leader can cast spells, and if selected, only the leader casts the chosen spell.


– AI is more careful with their sovereign.

– Fixed an issue that kept AI champions from being able to cast spells in tactical combat.

– Fixed some bugs in tactical AI code that were causing it to think enemy units were friendly units.

– Added code so that AI units will try to cast a heal spell on themself before resorting to trying to escape.

– Added code so that the AI can determine the best spell to use based on AI xml weights in the spells themselves.


Bug fixes:
– Reduced memory consumption (especially in the late game) by releasing unneeded textures instead of retaining them indefinitely.

– Fixed bug where conquered cities that had caravans that called that city home would end up with messed up caravan counts.

– Fixed an issue that was keeping the AI from casting spells in tactical battles.

– Fixed a bug in spellcasting where non offensive, defensive, or terraforming spells were now checking that the spell target was valid when deciding if the spell could be cast.

– Fixed the Fallen Ambassador (so it now correctly gives diplomatic capital).

– Fixed a bug in the main city context wnd where it would use the AI’s cached version of the battle rank for display, causing it to often not match the city HUD and other screens.

– Fixed a bug where dispelling Guardian Ward (and any other spells that involved a city-target summon modifier) would not kill the summoned unit.

– Fixed crash when killing an enemy sovereign.

Official Site: ElementalGame.com

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